where are you based?

We currently have two storage Units

Space station 1 based in Padiham on Shuttleworth Mead Business Park

Space Station 2 based in Burnley on Network 65 Business Park


How much does storage cost?

We do not have a base rate as each storage contract is individual to the customer . 

Feel free to contact our mamangent team to give you a personal quote. 

What do you store?

We can store anything for business use. 

All types of cartons from multiple small boxes to large crates or palletised stock. 

We can also store crates of fabric or machinery, catering for your every need. 

Can you manually unload loose container stock?

Of course, it's what we do best.   We unload all sizes of containers from 20ft and beyond, from loose cartons to palletised goods, manual or forklift.