At Enviro Space Station, we ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality to give our customers the best service possible. From basic storage needs to
pick and pack, to our World Wide distribution, we guarantee that our customers receive the best management for the distribution of their goods.


Pallet Storage
We provide a first-class service to get your pallets and goods to where they need to go on time, at a time suited to you. We provide a range of services for collecting / delivering and securely storing your pallets. Although our storage is UK based, we offer Worldwide distribution services and will work with you to effectively manage your stock. 

Pick and Pack
We offer a custom pick and pack service. We provide our customers with the ability to move certain items or parts of their pallets / stored items. This enables our clients to have full control over their goods, despite them being in a 3rd party storage space.

At our distribution centres, we value the security of our customers and view security as a main priority. Our warehouses only admit authorized personnel and we have 24/7 surveillance, including CCTV coverage. All goods are handled with care by our haulage professionals. When you store goods with us, we can guarantee security and care.

Customised Storage
Our storage facilities are not limited to pallets. We offer high quality customised storage and are capable of storing your goods in a variety of different forms. Let us know what you need and we will work to make it happen.

Worldwide Distribution
Our Lancashire-based storage facilities can distribute your goods World Wide. With over 60 years experience of moving our customers' items, we are specialists in the logistics, management and distribution of our clients' goods around the globe.