Our Services

  • Storage - industrial storage from multiple site in Lancashire
  • Short term/Long term - we can accommodate storage to your time scale and preference
  • Secure Site with CCTV - 24hr monitored CCTV via Alert security with Alert notifications to all our Management team
  • High quality secure storage - state of the art warehouses with the highest degree of shutters and security measures
  • Pick and Pack - You send an order and we will Pick it, Pack it and distribute it to your specific customer needs. 
  • Container Unloading  - We accommodate any method of container unloading from manual labour to Forklift truck discharge
  • Stock management -  Each customer will have a tailor made stock management system to suite there specific requirements
  • Pallets or parcel tracking -  we can track the exact whereabouts of your dispatched pallets or parcel
  • Personal customer point of contact - we will assign your own personal management team member looking after your every storage requirement


Everything from a parcel to a full load by road, air and sea to the UK/Europe or the rest of the world.
We pick the best delivery solution for your products using the different strengths of several professional delivery companies.

Enviro Space Station provides centralised control and administration nationwide coverage with tracking and documentation systems. 

Collection and delivery through local experts and a single point of contact for all collection and admin queries.



Enviro Space offers multiple storage solutions. We can offer racked or free standing storage for all your customer requirements

Enviro Space Station offers state of the art Racking , free standing or carton specific storage

Our Management team can offer multiple solutions to meet your company's storage requirements

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Pick and pack

Pick and pack is the service we offer that is specific to your customer products.
We Pick it, Pack it and distribute to your chosen locations world wide.

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World wide distribution

Everything from a parcel to a full load by road, air and sea to the UK/Europe or the rest of the world.

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